Total funds raised to date: $486,217

Why climb?

Her Justice connects and supports volunteer lawyers from New York City’s law firms and companies to stand side-by-side with women who would otherwise go to court alone. Paired with a lawyer, our clients get a fighting chance to obtain the legal results they need to overcome abuse and poverty. We bring the power of the legal profession to those who need it most.

In 2015, our 17-member legal staff trained and mentored 1,400 volunteer lawyers, paralegals and law students whose donated hours are valued at more than $31 million. Every dollar donated to Her Justice delivers $6 worth of legal services.

Last year, with our recruit and support model, Her Justice helped 3,121 clients (and their 4,323 children), working on over 5,680 legal matters. We aim to ensure that all women who contact Her Justice obtain essential legal information and services that benefit them and their children:

  • Orders of protection, often requiring abusive partners to leave the home
  • Fair divorce judgments, including safe visitation arrangements, health insurance and spousal support
  • Safe custody and visitation arrangements
  • Child support awards from parents with an ability to pay
  • Immigration status and work authorizations for victims of domestic violence and victims of other gender-based crimes
  • Information about legal remedies
  • Help understanding legal documents and support for women going to court on their own

Be a part of a critical chapter in the life of a family in crisis.  Step up to register today! 

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